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Dig Deep Farms (DDF) was founded in 2010 by residents of the Ashland and Cherryland communities of unincorporated Alameda County in partnership with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and the non-profit Deputy Sheriffs’ Activities League (DSAL). DDF is a non-profit, social enterprise founded on the conviction that integrated community involvement, healthy food access, and job creation raise the quality of life- individually and collectively- of a community. We believe this so much that we’ve created Dig Deep Farms, a network of integrated food businesses that provides access to healthy food and jobs in our community where access to both has historically been limited.

DDF community supported agriculture (CSA) also provides a weekly assortment of vibrant, naturally grown fruits and veggies that we carefully grow on our own farms in Alameda County and distribute locally.Learn more about our fresh naturally produced fruits and vegetables here.

DDF recently implemented a new catering division which specializes in fresh and flavorful food, No GMO and preservative free and available for your next food service event. Learn more about our catering division here.