Dig Deep Farms


Dig Deep Farms (DDF) was founded in 2010 by residents of the Ashland and Cherryland communities of unincorporated Alameda County in partnership with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and the non-profit Deputy Sheriffs’ Activities League (DSAL). DDF is a non-profit, social enterprise founded on the conviction that integrated community involvement, healthy food access, and job creation raise the quality of life- individually and collectively- of a community. We believe this so much that we’ve created Dig Deep Farms, a network of integrated food businesses that provides access to healthy food and jobs in our community where access to both has historically been limited.



Job Description

DSAL is looking for a Dig Deep Farms (DDF) Director with an entrepreneurial spirit to take a nascent project and build it into a successful social enterprise. Our most recent Director has made a great start at building DDF’s capacity and programs, and we’re looking for someone to take over where she left off and continue to build systems and capacity for success. DDF has the following projects underway:

 DDF currently has two experienced and competent Farm Managers running two successful urban farms, with a third coming on line early next year and a fourth in the works for late 2019/early 2020.

We are part-way through the construction of a Food Hub that will provide commercial kitchen space,  event space and produce aggregation/distribution capacity. Construction management is currently overseen by DSAL’s Executive Director, with assistance from our architect and an outside capital development specialist. We envision the new DDF Director assisting with the completion of the Food Hub, with support from the ED and our consultants. Construction has seen some fits and starts due to funding continuity issues, but we hope to have the hub complete in mid-2019, at which point we’ll be ready to hire a facilities/logistics manager and a sales manager. In the meantime, our current small-scale produce sales to restaurants and health clinics writing Food as Medicine prescriptions are being managed by our DDF Operations Manager, with oversight from the DDF Director.

We have spent the last year redesigning our re-entry internship program and are poised to launch a pilot internship. The program is currently being managed by our DDF Director with assistance from an outside specialist in re-entry internship programming. We aim to have funds in mid-2019 to hire an Social Enterprise Manager who will take over management of the internship program, grow it to encompass the food hub, and help create a entrepreneurship pathway for emerging small business people in the economically challenged communities we serve.

We are looking for a Director with an independent and innovative spirit who will take initiative to create the solid systems and programs that are needed to transform DDF from a budding project to a thriving social enterprise.  The DDF Director will also engage in fundraising as well as short and long term organizational planning with the Executive Director and the other leadership in the organization.

Interested parties please contact:

SD Sherman, DSAL Director of Operations


Urban Farmer

Job Description

The DDF&P Urban Farmer position is 8-40 hour a week position and runs continuously year round. Farming activities take place Monday-Friday, but the DDF&P Urban Farmer needs to be available for occasional weekend greenhouse and watering duties (on a rotational basis), for staffing of produce stands in the community and for sales and marketing assignments.

Urban farming involves strenuous physical work in all weather conditions. The program’s work schedule is generally from 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM on weekdays, with some flexibility required to ensure completion of all tasks. The urban farmer is expected to participate fully in all farming duties and tasks by being available for those hours every day.

Examples of daily activities include bed preparation, transplanting, seed sowing, watering, weeding, tilling, thinning, composting, harvesting, produce handling, storage, some minor construction and marketing.

The DDF&P Urban Farmer will work in a crew of 2 to 10 urban farmers and interns under the direct supervision of the Farm Managers or the lead farmer. It is expected that farmers will complete all assigned tasks as directed and come up with additional tasks that that facilitate the accomplishing of the general goal of developing an intensive urban farming operation. DDF&P will facilitate and coordinate informal and important training in healthy farming practices, food systems and food justice. The goal of the DDF&P Urban Farming program is to produce healthy food for community members throughout Alameda County and to generate enough revenue to sustain the program, to bring new jobs and new opportunities to the community.

Interested parties please contact:
Ain Aarif, DDF Operations Manager
(510) 614-3337